We’ve partnered with our favorite restaurants, charities, and noteworthy experts to offer meaningful one-of-a-kind experiences and unique events that help give back to the community.



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Why should I book through ABCVIP?
  1. Everything we offer is exclusive to us and cannot be found anywhere else (we know that because we make them all up ourselves!)
  2. We work closely with our partners to offer experiences that are curated to add value.
  3. We care.
    1. We care about our guests. We provide a guest profile with every reservation for our partners to review prior to arrival ensuring a personalized experience and exceeded expectations.
    2. We care about our partners and and we trust sending our guests to them because they have proven they truly care about everyone that walks through their door.
    3. We care about our partners’ staff. We include gratuity with every reservation so they are taken care of. It’s simple math… a happy staff = happy guests!
    4. We care about the community and donate a portion of all net profits from our events to our charity partners.
  4. We make life easy! Guests can customize at checkout based on specific needs and prepay for the experience. Unless additional items are purchased on a separate check during the experience, our guests can relax and enjoy as we have taken care of everything!
How does it work?

Our guests can simply choose their desired category, filter by location and time of day, choose the experience that interests them, and then customize based on specific needs. We handle the rest!

Why are experiences priced with tax and gratuity?
  1. So there are no unwanted surprises on the check – that will ruin anyone’s experience!
  2. To avoid math and that awkward moment of needing to itemize if multiple people are splitting the bill.
  3. When our guests are impressing a client or special someone and are asked where the bill is, they say “don’t worry, its taken care of” and leave feeling like they are royalty!
  4. The dynamic of the experience changes in a positive way when the staff knows their gratuity is already taken care of.
What are ABCVIP events like?

We believe in QUALITY over quantity. We don’t believe in throwing a bunch of people in a room and expecting them to make connections, we help facilitate them. We do this by offering fun activities in a relaxed environment, getting to know our guests and uncovering commonalities with others so the connections made are organic and real.

Are there any membership fees?

That’s the best part – our site is absolutely FREE and open to the public!
*Please note: we only offer 6 reservations per time slot, as we manage the entire process, so all experiences and events are on a first come/first serve basis.

Why do the offers have such limited availability?

Due to the detail and coordination that goes into each incredible experience, there is a very limited amount of guests our partners are able to accommodate with the personal touch that is required through our contract. Our guests’ having a positive experience is our #1 priority, so we have taken every measure to ensure that happens.

What if I want more than what is being offered in an experience?

No problem! In most cases, you have the option to customize your offer at checkout but additional items are always available for purchase during the experience through the vendor on a separate check.

Is my information safe?

YES! We have a dedicated team for our website security and take it VERY seriously! Please feel free to contact us or review our Privacy Policy for additional information.

What happens if I don't have a positive experience?

We ask that you contact us immediately! It’s rare but can happen, so we handle on a case-by-case basis.

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