5 Best Curated Experiences in NYC

5 Best Curated Experiences in NYC

Is NYC on your bucket list? Maybe you have lived there, maybe not but just when you think you’ve seen it all…there is so much more to experience! With the world changing, NYC can still be brought to you on a silver platter. Here’s what is on our list of best experiences in the big apple:

1. Yin Yoga & Meditation with Shalyni

A perfect yoga & meditation for any level of experience! Yin Yoga is a restorative slow practice and an introspective experience that encourages self-compassion. You will leave this 40-minute class feeling refreshed and rejuvenated! Explore simple tools to connect with the breath, cultivate calm, expand mindfulness, and release stress with this 20 minute time out from life with Shalyni!

2.Spa Experience at Elite Day Spa

No one knows what you need to relax more than you do… Curate your own spa session! Customize your own spa session with the options below and enjoy being pampered like royalty at Elite Day Spa. This spa package includes a 45 minute Facial or Massage and the choice of:

Gel Manicure • Spa Manicure • Basic Pedicure • European Pedicure with 10-minute Chair Massage • Expert Eyebrow or Bikini Wax • Eyelash or Eyebrow Tint

3. Fotografiska Museum Tour

Get a personalized insider’s look at the incredible Fotografiska Museum! Enjoy this unique opportunity to take a 1 hour curated tour, live or virtually, of the Fotografiska Museum!   

4. Virtual Nightclub Experience with Eschaton

Acrobats, DJ’s, and Drag Queens…oh, my! Inspired by the great Dr. Strangelove, enjoy dozens of virtual rooms with everything from acrobats and eccentric performers to DJs and Drag Queens. ABCVIP guests will have ALL ACCESS to Eschaton for the evening, which includes an exclusive pre-show performance, 1-hour after-party, and the hour-long Eschaton experience. In addition to the all-access ticket, ABCVIP and ASW guests will additionally be given a private room to meet in and readings from the incredible clairvoyant, Flores who reads love fortunes!

5.The Dream Room

Be inspired and live in a dream! With colorful murals on the walls, including quotes and typographic elements as well as cosmic inspired art and neon signs, the DREAM ROOM is a one-bedroom penthouse oasis, with three terraces, at the Affinia Fifty Hotel!

Ethereal and inspiring, this room transports you from the trials and tribulations of the city as we know it, directly to a colorful world of fantasy and imagination. Leave your troubles behind, even if just for the night… because dreams do come true!

In conclusion, NYC can still make all your dreams come true through experiences whether virtual or live in person. Curating experiences is what we do best, let us take you on the tour of our top 5! What a full day/night this would be in the order we have it from starting with waking up to yoga & meditation to hitting the night club & capping it off at the dream room. Sounds like something we all need to experience.

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