Our purpose is to provide meaningful experiences to our members.


Above and Beyond VIP Concierge, also known as ABCVIP, is a Hospitality and Event Agency founded with a mission to help the community and set a new standard for hospitality. ABCVIP partners with talented people and local venues to prearrange curated experiences and events that are offered on www.abcvip.nyc. Every value-driven experience is all-inclusive, customizable based on specific needs, and designed to offer a VIP experience for a reasonable price. All events, virtual and live, give back to the community, create a fun environment, and have helped countless New Yorkers find meaningful, personal and professional, relationships. ABCVIP’s innovative experiences and events “are anything but basic” and are personally created by Jackie Botelho and her team of rockstars!

Follow us as we change the way New York City is experienced!