Since the late 30's Angelo's pizza has been the leader in the traditional New York Style Coal Oven Pizza game!

About Angelo’s Pizza Broadway

In the late 1930’s, Angelo settled in the United States and began his pizza making journey. From working at pizza shops around the city to opening up his first store: Pizza Chef in Brooklyn, Angelo only made pizza with coal ovens, typically running between 800°-1,000° F, producing crisp pies with a nice char within 60-90 seconds.
“If it’s not cooked in a coal-fired brick oven IT AIN’T PIZZA! The crust has to be blackened and crisp, topped with only FRESH mozzarella and tomato sauce.”

Experiences & Events

Fire up the coal oven and make your own Pizza at Angelo’s Broadway

$ 65

Make your own Pizza at Angelo’s Broadway

$ 50