1 in 7 Americans will lose a parent or sibling by the age of 20. Going to a grief group, meeting other grieving kids, and making new friends are instrumental when coping with the loss of a loved one.​ Camp Good Mourning! provides campers with ALL THREE OPPORTUNITIES during a jam-packed weekend of fun and healing!

About Camp Good Mourning!

Camp Good Mourning! is Long Island’s ONLY nonprofit organization that provides FREE, overnight, weekend bereavement camp programs for children, ages 7-17, who are coping with the loss of a parent/guardian, and/or sibling in a traditional summer camp setting with programs available in Spring and Fall, as well.
Camp Good Mourning! supports, educates, and empowers grieving children at Camp Quinipet on Shelter Island where the 10-minute ferry ride from the mainland gives the feeling of leaving all troubles behind.
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Quinipet Camp & Retreat Center
Shore Road, Shelter Island Heights, NY