Transform your visual performance to the highest level with Dor Lata and her On Camera Image Consulting!

About On Camera Image Consulting

The COVID-19 Pandemic has ushered in a new world of telecommuting. Your virtual presence represents you and your brand. The “stage” has changed into a new normal of various virtual platforms. Dor Lata of On Camera Image Consulting can help you learn how to create your best on-camera look and help you establish a professional appearance from home or the workplace.

Dor has helped clients worldwide project a compelling and authentic image on TV and in other live settings from the boardroom to the Zoom room. Formerly Creative Director of Bloomberg TV, Dor attained international recognition as a master image consultant for its global beauty and image operations. She has advised on the on-camera images of Michael Bloomberg, Warren Buffett, Linda Evans, and many other celebrities and on-air personalities.