Michelin Guide recommended, immersive, multisensory whiskey and gourmet food experience! You’ve never seen whiskey like this before!

About Whiskey Stories

Whiskey Stories LLC is a Michelin guide recommended highly sought after immersive multi-sensory whisk(e)y tasting and storytelling company where four premium whisk(e)y flights are paired with decadent gourmet chef-prepared courses.

In addition, each event also has a sensorial element in the form of either comedy, music, art, blindfolds(!), one of a kind Whiskey Stories whiskey-based unisex colognes (featured on Bloomberg News) and more.

We are able to book Whiskey Stories events for any of the following themes –

1. Whiskey Stories: Whiskey in the Dark™
2. Whiskey Stories: Game of Thrones and Comedy™
3. Whiskey Stories: Downton Abbey and Secrets™
4. Whiskey Stories: Highland Park and The Viking Musical™
5. Whiskey Stories: Mysteries of The Macallan™
6. Whiskey Stories: The Macallan Murder Mystery™
7. Whiskey Stories: Rare Whiskies and Comedy
8. Whiskey Stories: Flavors of Asia
9. Whiskey Stories: Whiskey and Mac n Cheese
10. Whiskey Stories: Whiskey and Whiskey Infused Donuts
11. Whiskey Stories: Whiskey & Japanese Ice Cream
12. Whiskey Stories: Whiskey & Chocolate Dinner
13. Whiskey Stories: High “Tea” (Whiskey Infused Tea)
14. Whiskey Stories: Whiskey Vintage Trolley Tour and Whiskey in the Dark™
15. Whiskey Stories: Whiskey and Holiday Movie Comedy
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Experiences & Events

VIP Luxury Whiskey Stories Event: Whiskey & Chocolate Dinner




161 Stockholm St
Brooklyn, NY 11237